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CB Rank (Investor) 1,828
Amplo is a global venture capital firm helping build companies that matter
Headquarters Regions  Greater Houston Area, Southern USFounded Date 2017Founders  Sheel TyleOperating Status ActiveNumber of Employees 1-10
Investor Type  Venture Capital Investment Stage  Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed
Website LinkedIn Twitter 

Amplo is a global venture capital firm helping build companies that matter

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Lists Featuring This Company

Seed Stage Investors with Investments in Austin, Texas
599 Number of Organizations ● $462.7M Total Funding Amount ● 172 Number of Investors
Seed Stage Investors with Investments in East Coast
2,831 Number of Organizations ● $3.7B Total Funding Amount ● 448 Number of Investors
Investors Active in Greater New York Area
6,435 Number of Organizations ● $230.8B Total Funding Amount ● 2,561 Number of Investors
Seed Stage Investors with Investments in Texas
893 Number of Organizations ● $2.8B Total Funding Amount ● 244 Number of Investors


Number of Investments 14
Number of Lead Investments 4
Amplo has made 14 investments. Their most recent investment was on Jan 13, 2020, when Locale raised $11M.
Announced Date  
Organization Name  
Lead Investor  
Funding Round  
Money Raised  
Jan 13, 2020
Series A - Locale
Jan 8, 2020
Series A - Legalpad
Dec 11, 2019
Series A - Freightwalla
Oct 10, 2019
Parsley Health
Series B - Parsley Health
Aug 15, 2019
Two Chairs
Series B - Two Chairs
Apr 16, 2019
Seed Round - Locale
Jan 23, 2019
Series D - Andela
Oct 16, 2018
Series C - TravelPerk
Apr 17, 2018
Parsley Health
Series A - Parsley Health
Apr 10, 2018
Series B - TravelPerk

Funds Raised

Number of Funds 2
Amplo has raised 2 funds, their latest being Amplo II. This fund was announced on May 22, 2019 and raised a total of $200M.
Announced Date  
Fund Name  
Money Raised  
May 22, 2019
Amplo II
Oct 10, 2017
Amplo I

Current Team

Number of Current Team Members 1
Amplo has 1 current team member, Founder and CEO Sheel Tyle.
Sheel Tyle
Founder and CEO

Board Members and Advisors

Number of Board Members / Advisors 3
Amplo has 3 board members and advisors, including Susan Rice.
Susan Rice
Board Member
Alec Ross
Board Member
Julia Gillard
Board Member

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith

Amplo is actively using 17 technologies for its website. These include Viewport MetaIPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Google Analytics.

Web Traffic by SimilarWeb

Amplo is ranked 11,250,005 among websites globally based on its 832 monthly web visitors.

Recent News & Activity

Number of Articles 5

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