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Total Funding Amount $30K
Brisk Synergies
At Brisk Synergies, they deliver end-to-end solutions and services that monitor and analyze traffic flow.
Categories  Mobile, TransportationHeadquarters Regions  Great LakesFounded Date 2013Founders  Charles ChungOperating Status ActiveFunding Status M&ALast Funding Type SeedNumber of Employees 11-50
IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For Profit
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乐动体育APPAt Brisk Synergies, they deliver end-to-end solutions and services that monitor and analyze traffic flow.

乐动体育APPThrough their technologies, urban planners achieve sustainable urban mobility for their cities by delivering better traffic infrastructures and transportation solutions.

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M&A Details

Brisk Synergies was acquired by Transoft Solutions on Jan 13, 2020.
Transaction Name 
Brisk Synergies acquired by Transoft Solutions
Acquired by 
Transoft Solutions
Announced Date Jan 13, 2020

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds 2
Total Funding Amount $30K
Brisk Synergies has raised a total of $30K in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on May 1, 2017 from a Seed round.
Announced Date  
Transaction Name  
Number of Investors  
Money Raised  
Lead Investors  
May 1, 2017
Seed Round - Brisk Synergies
Mar 1, 2015
Seed Round - Brisk Synergies
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Number of Investors 2
Brisk Synergies is funded by 2 investors. FounderFuel and Accelerator Centre are the most recent investors.
Investor Name  
Lead Investor  
Funding Round  
Seed Round - Brisk Synergies
Accelerator Centre
Seed Round - Brisk Synergies

Company Tech Stack by Siftery

Brisk Synergies uses 12 technology products and services including Google AnalyticsWordPress, and Vimeo.

Mobile App Metrics by Apptopia

App Name  
App Store  
Monthly Downloads  
Pan Am Path Art Relay
Google Play, Itunes Connect
Toronto Cycling
Google Play, Itunes Connect
Google Play, Itunes Connect
Google Play, Itunes Connect

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith

Brisk Synergies is actively using 43 technologies for its website. These include Viewport MetaIPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default.

Web Traffic by SimilarWeb

Brisk Synergies is ranked 9,583,989 among websites globally based on its 786 monthly web visitors.

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Current Team

Number of Current Team Members 2
Brisk Synergies has 2 current team members, including Marketing Specialist Megan Gill.
Megan Gill
Marketing Specialist


Number of Events 1
Brisk Synergies has participated in 1 event, FounderFuel 2017 Demo Day on Jul 11, 2017.
FounderFuel 2017 Demo Day
Jul 11, 2017

Recent News & Activity

Number of Articles 1

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