Hillhouse Capital Group

Hillhouse Capital Group
Hillhouse Capital Group is a fundamental equities investment firm focused on the long, long-term.


Number of Exits 33
CB Rank (Investor) 3,162
Categories  Venture CapitalHeadquarters Regions  Asia-Pacific (APAC)Founded Date Aug 15, 2019Founders  Zhang LeiOperating Status ActiveNumber of Employees 11-50Also Known As 高瓴资本, Gaoling ZibenChild Hubs  Hillhouse Capital Group Portfolio Companies
Investor Type  Private Equity Firm Investment Stage  Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Post-Ipo, Private Equity Number of Exits 33
Website Facebook Contact Email skmusha99@gmail.comPhone Number +918777075348

Hillhouse is a long-term fundamental equities investor. We invest in high-quality businesses led by extraordinary individuals and teams. Hillhouse owns companies across equity stages, spanning the range from new start-ups to the world’s most established public companies. We may invest in a company as a start-up and continue to hold it in the portfolio as a public equity investment. This stage-agnostic investment style allows us to focus on multi-year results, rather than on quarterly earnings.

We invest globally, with a particular focus on Asia. Independent, proprietary research lies at the heart of our investment process. Our team members are sector experts in consumer, Internet, media, and healthcare.

We are selective investors. We may spend years finding an investment idea that genuinely excites us, and once we do, we are in it for the long-run. Truly great companies are scarce. Hillhouse seeks companies that, like us, look beyond the next quarter or next year, and choose to focus on winning the next decade.

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Hillhouse Capital Group has made 168 investments. Their most recent investment was on Jan 13, 2020, when Epifi raised $13.2M.Hillhouse Capital Group has had 33 exits. Hillhouse Capital Group's most notable exits include NIONeon Therapeutics, and Woowa Bros.Hillhouse Capital Group has raised a single venture fund, Hillhouse Fund IV. This fund was announced on Jul 18, 2018 and raised a total of $10.6B.Hillhouse Capital Group has 4 current team members, including Partner David Rhee.Hillhouse Capital Group has acquired Loch Lomond Scotch Whisky on Jun 5, 2019.Hillhouse Capital Group is actively using 3 technologies for its website. These include ApacheGoDaddy DNS, and GoDaddy.Hillhouse Capital Group is ranked 1,299,911 among websites globally based on its 13,493 monthly web visitors.Hillhouse Capital Group employees are showing high interest in Hardware InnovationSage (SGE), and Reorganization.Hillhouse Capital Group has $10.8M in estimated revenue annually. Hillhouse Capital Group competes with SBCVCHony Capital, and BELLE Capital.
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