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Acquired by 
Total Funding Amount €4.6M
Unomaly A new way of monitoring critical systems and digital environments.
Categories  Information Services, Information Technology, SoftwareHeadquarters Regions  European Union (EU), Nordic Countries, ScandinaviaFounded Date 2012Founders  Göran Sandahl, Johan GustafssonOperating Status ActiveFunding Status M&ALast Funding Type Series ANumber of Employees 11-50Legal Name Unomaly AB
IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For Profit
Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Contact Email

乐动体育APPUnomaly creates a solution for automating analysis of data created by IT systems. Founded 2012 and are now operating internationally, working closely with customers in different segments but all with their definition of a critical environment. Their team is made out of people with significant experience and a deep passion for data, visualisation, monitoring and critical IT infrastructure.

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M&A Details

Unomaly was acquired by LogicMonitor on Jan 13, 2020.
Transaction Name 
Unomaly acquired by LogicMonitor
Acquired by 
Announced Date Jan 13, 2020

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds 2
Total Funding Amount €4.6M
Unomaly has raised a total of €4.6M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 20, 2016 from a Series A round.
Announced Date  
Transaction Name  
Number of Investors  
Money Raised  
Lead Investors  
Jun 20, 2016
Series A - Unomaly
1€4.6M EQT Ventures
Jan 1, 2014
Seed Round - Unomaly
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Number of Lead Investors 1
Number of Investors 2
Unomaly is funded by 2 investors. EQT Ventures and EIT Digital Accelerator are the most recent investors.
Investor Name  
Lead Investor  
Funding Round  
EQT Ventures
Series A - Unomaly
Andreas Thorstensson
EIT Digital Accelerator
Seed Round - Unomaly

Company Tech Stack by Siftery

Unomaly uses 22 technology products and services including Google AnalyticsWordPress, and Google Tag Manager.

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith

Unomaly is actively using 37 technologies for its website. These include Viewport MetaIPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF.

Web Traffic by SimilarWeb

Unomaly is ranked 5,470,309 among websites globally based on its 1,725 monthly web visitors.

Patents and Trademarks by IPqwery

Unomaly has registered 3 trademarks with the most popular class being 'Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments'.

Interest Signals by Bombora

Unomaly employees are showing high interest in Machine Translation (Automated Translation)Web-Scale IT, and Google Cloud.

Competitors & Revenue by Owler

Unomaly has $10M in estimated revenue annually. Unomaly competes with Sumo LogicDatadog, and Splunk.

IT Spend by Aberdeen

This year, Unomaly is projected to spend $479.7K on IT.

Current Team

Number of Current Team Members 2
Unomaly has 2 current team members, including CEO and Co-Founder Johan Gustafsson.
Johan Gustafsson
CEO and Co-Founder
Göran Sandahl
Co-founder & CTO

Board Members and Advisors

Number of Board Members / Advisors 2
Unomaly has 2 board members and advisors, including Andreas Thorstensson.
Andreas Thorstensson
Board Member
Jul 2016


Number of Events 1
Unomaly has participated in 1 event, DevSecCon London 2018 on Oct 18, 2018.
DevSecCon London 2018
Oct 18, 2018

Recent News & Activity

Number of Articles 1

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